Insights and case studies on commercial construction projects, focusing on innovation, quality, and client satisfaction in the commercial sector.

CAGE Codes, NAICS, and PSC Codes for Nawech Construction Services LLC

CAGE Codes, NAICS, and PSC Codes for Nawech Construction Services LLC CAGE Code A Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and other organizations. How to Obtain: A company must register with the System for Award Management (SAM) to obtain a CAGE code. This is a prerequisite for businesses seeking to work with the federal government. Primary CAGE Code for Nawech…

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Redefining Commercial Construction in Pennsylvania: Nawech Construction’s Commitment to Quality

Introduction Pennsylvania’s diverse business landscape requires robust and innovative commercial construction solutions. At Nawech Construction Services LLC, we are committed to delivering top-notch construction services that meet the unique needs of each client. In this post, we highlight a significant project in Pennsylvania that exemplifies our dedication to quality and excellence. Project Highlight: Philadelphia Retail Complex Renovation One of our notable projects in Pennsylvania involved the complete renovation of a retail complex in Philadelphia. The client, a major retail chain,…

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Expanding Horizons: Nawech Construction’s Ventures in Virginia

Introduction Virginia’s rich history and burgeoning economy make it a prime location for businesses seeking high-quality commercial construction services. Nawech Construction Services LLC is proud to contribute to Virginia’s growth by delivering innovative and reliable construction solutions. In this post, we highlight a significant project in Virginia, showcasing our expertise and dedication to excellence. Case Study: Richmond Office Building Transformation One of our standout projects in Virginia involved the complete transformation of an aging office building in Richmond. The client,…

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Building a Better Future in Florida: Nawech Construction’s Innovative Projects

Introduction Florida’s thriving commercial sector demands innovative and high-quality construction solutions. At Nawech Construction Services LLC, we are proud to contribute to this vibrant landscape by delivering exceptional commercial construction projects. This post highlights a notable project in Florida, demonstrating our expertise and innovative approach to construction. Featured Project: Miami Office Complex Renovation One of our standout projects in Florida involved the comprehensive renovation of a large office complex in Miami. The client, a leading financial services firm, aimed to…

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Transforming Massachusetts: Highlighting Our Commercial Construction Expertise

Introduction Massachusetts is a hub of innovation and growth, with businesses continually seeking to upgrade their commercial spaces to better serve their clients and customers. At Nawech Construction, we are dedicated to helping these businesses achieve their goals through top-notch commercial construction services. In this post, we highlight a recent project in Massachusetts that exemplifies our expertise and commitment to excellence. Case Study: Modern Office Renovation One of our standout projects in Massachusetts involved the renovation of a modern office…

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Revitalizing Connecticut’s Commercial Spaces: A Nawech Construction Success Story

Introduction Connecticut is home to a dynamic and diverse business landscape, where commercial spaces play a crucial role in driving economic growth. At Nawech Construction, we pride ourselves on transforming these spaces to meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. In this post, we share a success story of a recent project in Connecticut that showcases our commitment to excellence in commercial construction. Project Overview Our client, a leading retail chain in Connecticut, sought to renovate their flagship store…

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Why Partner with Nawech Construction?

USA Registered Federal Contractors

We are registered with to accept small business government and federal contracts in commercial construction.
We work on many airports, government and municipal buildings.
Owner Savio Nawech is a military veteran & former public servant of Ecuador.

HIC Licensed and Registered in Connecticut and New Jersey

We are based in Hartford, CT.

HIC Licensed in New Jersey.
This means we can do residential contracting in New Jersey (a State Requirement).

Fully Insured

We are Insured across NJ, NY, NYC, PA, all of New England (CT, RI, MA, ME, VT & NH), Virginia and Florida.

All of our contractors and subcontractors meet minimum OSHA-40+ safety certification standards!
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Travel Ready

We are accustomed to airport construction!

Bilingual English / Spanish

Call us: +1-973-634-8627.

We speak Spanish and English.

We are a minority-owned business.
We are earmarked as a minority-owned business in USA.